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What is natural horsemanship ?

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... it’s a realistic training method for all equestrian disciplines. Yes, ALL! Dressage, showjumping, eventing, showing, western, hobby riding, handling, whatever your discipline ...

Author: Elizabeth Haffner

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How Natural Horsemanship developed – a brief history of natural horsemanship.



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It is not a “quick fix”. It may provide solutions to problems, it may open up new horizons, but there is no “magic wand”. What you achieve is through understanding, perseverance and consistency.

Author: Kate Farmer


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We want reproducible predictable response not wild reactions. A scared horse has wild reactions. The non frightened horse thrives on our leadership and gives good responses.

Author: Richard Thompson


Awareness, respect and trust are three key words in natural horsemanship. These three things lead to harmony between horse and rider.

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