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My name is Elizabeth Haffner

I am a British Horse Society qualified BHSAI and Stage 4 riding instructor. Horses have been my passion
since I was a child. 

I have had the chance to turn my childhood dreams into a successful career and I am still living my dream
here in Austria at the family stables.   

This website is here to help you live your dreams successfully with your horse too!

Over the years I have read, watched and listened to hundreds of books, videos and interviews by experts
about training horses. I have also participated in many training courses.

Some of this information has changed the way I teach riding and train horses. And for the better.

 On these pages you will find a selection of DVDs, books, videos, audio and downloads from people whose philosophy towards helping horses and their riders or handlers will be of unimaginable value to you.

 You will learn why it is to your advantage to know about things like:

  •   Observing your horse and communicating with it.
  •  Learning to understand how horses perceive their world.
  •  Why it is important to know about the prey animal nature of the horse and the predator nature of the   human.
  • Personal space: what it is and why it is necessary for you to be aware of what you are doing or not doing with it.
  • The herd social dynamics and how it affects your relationship with your horse.
  • Gaining and maintaining your horse’s attention from the ground and during the discipline that you participate in.
  • “Bonding” with your horse
  • How all this helps your horse perform willingly and better.
  You have the chance to learn how to eliminate behavioural problems in your horse which might be causing you both a great amount of stress and danger. These behavioural problems will be improved when you learn how to communicate with your horse in a way which is in accordance with his natural instincts.

So, ask yourself if you are ready to take on the responsibility of working together with your horse, and learning why he does what he does?

How much more would your horse be worth to you if he was really well trained?

Are you ready to take the first step to transforming your horse into a well-mannered partner that is a pleasure to ride?  


Great! Let’s go!

 Visit the downloads and DVD pages to visit the people who can make this possible for you. 

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Elizabeth recommends :

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