Why ground work is good for you and your horse.

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of communication over the last few months. We had terrible problems with spam and the site being hacked.

We changed our provider and ran various other checks so hopefully these problems are now sorted out.

Elektra is coming along fine and now the weather is improving I hope to be able to write more and post more about our activities.

Until then, here is an article I thought might be of interest. It seems researchers have proved that practising ground work really does make for quieter, healthier horses.

Enjoy the read.





Always wear appropriate safety items of clothing, gloves, shoes and head protection when handling or riding your horse. There is always some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Be sensible and stay within your level of training. This information illustrates the training methods and techniques I and my colleagues use. It is your responsibility to use it wisely. It is not intended to replace personal instruction from a professional instructor. Keep yourself and your horse out of trouble. If you wish to learn more about these methods contact us at: elizabeth@horsetrainingsolutions.com www.horsetrainingsolutions.com

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Eine Antwort auf Why ground work is good for you and your horse.

  1. Kate sagt:

    An interesting read – though not really surprising to some of us! ;-)

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