What Can Elephants Teach Us About Horse Training?

I read this very interesting article about positive and negative reinforcement when training animals.

... but horses are well known for expressing their fear responses, known as hyperactiveconflict behaviour, and just like elephants, they are often expressed when we least expect them. When that fear is expressed as a shy, a buck, a rear, spinning, baulking or bolting the outcome for the human can be a loss of confidence at best or at worst, death or serious injury.

For the horse, the outcome can be disastrous, with thousands ending up in the killer yards at knackers because they are deemed too dangerous to ride.  …

Any horse training method that works will conform to those same principles. So learning about learning theory won’t mean you have to change your trainer or approach. What it will give you is the tools to understand why training works and what’s gone wrong when it doesn’t.

Read article here.

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Always wear appropriate safety items of clothing, gloves, shoes and head protection when handling or riding your horse. There is always some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Be sensible and stay within your level of training. This information illustrates the training methods and techniques I and my colleagues use. It is your responsibility to use it wisely. It is not intended to replace personal instruction from a professional instructor. Keep yourself and your horse out of trouble. if you wish to learn more about these methods contact us at: elizabeth@horsetrainingsolutions.com www.horsetrainingsolutions.com
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