Let them eat grass update!

Many of you have asked how Michi and Spencer are getting on.

So here’s an update from my post on 22nd April to these photos which were taken on 14th June.

Remember, horses are creatures of habit. What you allow the horse to do once, you allow him to do always!  Prohibited means prohibited – not maybe, not just for today. Always!

Either allow it or ignore it. Whichever way, you will then have taught it!

See the results for yourself:

Spencer stands quietly but attentively.In the time from my last post about the two of them Michi has practised and been VERY consistent with her request for Spencer not to eat grass or pull her (and children) along like a water skier.

Spencer is still aware of Michi's presence.

Spencer and Michi have reached an agreement. Both are much happier with the new arrangement.

A horse will always want to “test” and make sure he can trust the leader so the leader has to prove himself to be trustworthy.

The safest way is to gain and maintain the respect and trust of a horse, and to not let it get to the point where the horse has doubts about your leadership qualities.

The magic word or potion is distance. Most animals (including humans and horses) have a certain area around them they keep for themselves – their personal space. The size of the personal space bubble is determined by individual character, mood and situation.

Individuals with whom they have a mutual understanding or respect are usually tolerated or even invited into in this personal space bubble.

Respect is the second magic potion.  If your horse steps on your feet or pushes or pulls you around then it has quite subtly (or maybe not so subtly) decided he doesn’t respect your personal space bubble.

Magic potion nr. 3 –Reward the right thing! It is important to reward the horse when it has understood our request and made a try to do the right thing. It is our job to make sure we reward the horse for doing the right thing immediately after he has done it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we must acknowledge the try on the horse’s behalf to do what we ask him to do.

Horsetrainingsolutions is here for you!

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Use the comment box on the blog itself to send me your questions about horse training. You can also write in about any problems you might be having with your horse.

Either I or one of the resident expert trainers will do our best to answer your questions.

Always wear appropriate safety items of clothing, gloves, shoes and head protection when handling or riding your horse. There is always some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Be sensible and stay within your level of training. This information illustrates the training methods and techniques I and my colleagues use. It is your responsibility to use it wisely. It is not intended to replace personal instruction from a professional instructor. Keep yourself and your horse out of trouble. if you wish to learn more about these methods contact us at: elizabeth@horsetrainingsolutions.com www.horsetrainingsolutions.com

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