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... from people whose philosophy is - helping horses and their riders !


Awareness, Respect and Trust are three key words in any kind of horsemanship. These three things lead to harmony between horse and rider.

  •  Is your horse aware of you or does he ignore you? Are you aware of yourself and your body language? 
  •  Does your horse respect you and your personal space or does he push into you or over you? Do you respect the nature of your horse and do you know what's important to him? 
  •  Does your horse trust you at all times or does he decide to take over when the vet or blacksmith comes, or when he needs to be  loaded into the trailer or meets spooky things out on the trail?  
  • Are you self-confident enough to be the leader and a good companion to your horse?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here you can learn how to achieve Awareness, Respect and Trust, and how to train your horse more easily and safely and start having fun with him whilst  improving your relationship with him as you learn.

Through effective, easy to practise exercises from the ground and from the saddle, you can get:

  • more security
  • more pleasure
  • increased performance

These methods apply for:

  • Starting young horses
  • Re-schooling older horses - improving lightness and becoming more responsive to the aids.
  • Rehabilitation - horses off work or just coming back into work.
  • Trailer training and loading.
  • Behavioural problems - rearing, bolting, bucking, biting, kicking, panic attacks, pulling, barging, cold back etc. 
  • Preparing your horse for the blacksmith, vet, tying up, leading, catching, lunging and more.
  • Improving your feel for the timing of the leg and rein aids.
  • Improving co-ordination for an independent seat.

These techniques work for everyone from the pleasure rider to the more ambitious competition rider and for all types of horses, including yours.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Even if you are not having problems, the exercises on the the Thinking Horse DVD help create a rapport between you and your horse that you might not otherwise have the chance to experience. 

Hi Elizabeth, I received my 'Thinking Horse' DVD yesterday. This morning I practiced 'Attracting the Attention' &'Drawing the Attention' (exercises' 1&2) with my two horses. I was and still am amazed at the reaction or should I say the response from them both. It felt as though we really connected, mind to mind. It was a lovely experience and I feel sure my horses enjoyed doing it. It is something I would never have thought of doing before.

I love the DVD & Booklet & I have 'The Harmony Project' to read as well, I feel sure they will provide me with the information I have 'always been seeking'.

Thank You So Very Much, My Best Wishes, Estelle G.  U.K.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Understand your horse better and communicate more effectively. The Thinking Horse DVD - a must-have DVD for horse owners! Click here to see sample exercises.

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Contact us with your horse problems, comments or questions. Our partners are here for you.

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